How to convert Jupyter notebooks to python script

Jupyter notebooks are great for experimentation, reporting and sharing. In a project there are often times when you need to transition from this activity to production ready code. The easiest first step is to convert your notebook to a script.

New project: from private to public

Earlier in the year I wrote about using systemd in the context of setting up a service for temperature logging and visualisation on a Raspberry Pi. Whilst the project has been stable for a long time, I’m now releasing it publically.

Configuring resilient programs with systemd

Ever since a week before lockdown in mid-March, I’ve been holed up in my conservatory working from home. The wild swings in temperature have provided ample motivation to build a temperature probe and live dashboard to track patterns, open windows in good time or cope with the lead time that my pitiful electric heater requires.

Pi Temperature Dashboard

Temperature sensing on the Raspberry Pi, logging to a database and publishing to Adafruit IO dashboard