Building a CI pipeline for R packages in gitlab

Continuous Integration (CI) is not a tool but a practice of continually merging in new behaviour/features into a released product. To facilitate this practice without exposing end users to unstable behaviour and bugs, testing needs to be standardised and automated.

Using Rstudio Server with docker

It’s taking a long time to run my genetic algorithm optimisation models recently. So much so that I’ve been looking at offloading processes to other computers lying idle on the network.

How to run R using Docker on Raspberry Pi

When I began learning about how to use Docker I stumbled on an excellent project called Rocker. For anyone with an x86 machine these Rocker images allow them to run R and most of its dependencies in a containerised environment.


Docker containers for R on 32 bit ARM architectures, including Raspberry Pi

Gitlab Runner

Gitlab runner in a docker container. Compatible with Raspberry Pi